Plasma Pen Platinum

Our super-sleek five-speed Plasma Pen Platinum device is our medical grade Plasma Pen device geared towards medical professionals and highly experienced aestheticians with significant experience. The Plasma Pen Platinum is the ultimate device in our range, designed to underpin all of our primary treatments, advanced treatments and next-generation treatments made possible by Plasma Pen.

 • Eye lifts & crows feet
• Skin tightening
• Skin Lifting
• Skin resurfacing
• Smokers lines
• Jaw tightening
• Skin tag removal
• Mole removal
• Scar revision
• Pigmentation work
• Stretch mark work
• Advanced skin rejuvenation

Purpose: Get Rid of Wrinkles, Lift & Rejuvenate Skin.
Treatment time: 1-2.5 hrs
Downtime: 4-7 days for the scabs to fall off
Healing time: 12 weeks to see full results but can be up to 3 months depending on your skin type
Results: last 3-4 years
Note: individual results may vary
Phone: 310.309.0946
Location: Westlake Village
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Technique: Plasma Pen t-3
Anesthesia: Topical Anesthetic
Cream Pain Level: None to mild s Average
Cost: $350-$3000 depending on the size of the area.
Caution: Only Skin Type I- II- Ill- IV and Must Be in Good Health (Don’t know your skin type? Check the Fitzpatrick Skin-Type Chart on my website)