About Elmira

It's All About My Story

I was born and raised in Iran until age of 17. I believe my parents moved to North America because they couldn’t fit my ambitious personality into a traditional jar of Persian culture, so we moved to beautiful Vancouver Canada 1993.

Following the hard tradition of moving to a new country, I moved out to live on my own and from there my life started to create its own path. My social skills, career ambitions and personal relationships all sprouted and grew.

Today, I am a mother of two and am proud to call myself tough. Taking on the challenges of life has taught me how to make smart decisions and to create amazing things even when situations may be bleak.

After 8 years of working at SAP, I decided to jump into the permanent makeup game because I’ve always had a passion for beauty, and I use those life lessons to help me create amazing results while connecting to amazing new people.